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About Jumpstart

Jumpstart Coding Journey aims to equip aspiring career changers by providing free or low-cost resources, so they can be fully prepared to work in a coding career.

Hi, I’m Candice — Founder at Jumpstart

A former educator turned web developer, who has made it my professional mission is to…

“Provide free resources and support to those who have the desire to learn coding, but may have faced barriers such as time constraints, financial limitations, or lack of information.”

Through Jumpstart Coding Journey, I’m dedicated to:

• Empowering individuals to pursue coding careers, and
• Helping them to embark on fulfilling paths as web developers

Where Would You Like to Start?

Start A Coding Career

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Whether you’re a complete beginner or have dabbled in coding before, our resources will guide you step-by-step. Discover the joys of programming and lay a foundation for your future career.

Earn While You Learn

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Explore opportunities to earn income while honing your coding skills. You can learn how to leverage your new skills and freelance as a developer, starting your coding career on your terms.

Work as a Developer

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Dreaming of a rewarding coding career in web development? We’ll provide the resources to becoming a proficient web developer, nurturing your coding career every step of the way.

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